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Posted on 2012-Dec-6 at 10:19 in BeachSexporn - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Why are we so surprised that children are addicted to porn? That's the world they know
Some reports make you want to fall to your knees, lift your eyes heavenwards and weep - just as I felt like doing when I read about the generation of children who are growing up addicted to online pornography.
According to new figures from a parliamentary cross-party study, four out of five 16-year-old boys and girls regularly access porn online while one in three ten-year-olds have seen explicit material.
Not nice, obviously, and here's where it starts to get really troubling: the figures also show that more than a quarter of young patients being treated at a leading private clinic are receiving help for their porn addiction.
It’s times like this that you have to wonder where we have gone wrong. The answer to me is abundantly clear.
We, as a society, have created a highly sexualised environment for our children to grow up in and, as a consequence, we have normalised pornography and turned it into a must-see draw for our young. And now we are paying the price.
I deplore the sexualisation of children. I see it as a
modern-day crime with society as the perpetrator. Each time I write about the issue I receive letters from the same old brigade who tell me that we should just ‘accept and adjust’ to the way things are these days.
They claim that childhood innocence is a myth and I should stop blaming various pop tarts for the corruption of our children. They usually end the letter by stating, rather obviously, that there has always been sex in the world.
No? You don’t say! Gosh and there was I thinking we were all created by immaculate conception.
Let us be clear here. I appreciate that children and teenagers have always been interested in sex. That’s nature doing what it does. It’s one of the few Sigmund Freud theories I actually agree with.
Young people are curious. They witness their young bodies blossoming and blooming, they feel the rush of their rampant hormones and they seek to satisfy their burgeoning desires. So far, so perfectly normal.
When I was a child, we enjoyed the flutter of sneaking a peak at young men in their underpants in catalogues while the young teenage boys at my school would brag of taking a swift look at lingerie models in their mother's magazines. That was standard practice and no big deal.
Oh how gloriously innocent and naive we were. What I would give for my own daughter, now 14-years-old, to know what it is like to exist in a world where sex isn't cheap and disposable and available at the click of a button.
Teenagers today don’t know what it’s like not to be sexualised. All our young girls have known in their short lives is a climate of unrelenting pressure to ‘get ‘em out for the lads’ - just like the women they are told to aspire to do. You know the ones I mean, the reality show ‘stars’, the WAGS and the glamour models.
Our children’s worldview tells them that it is no longer enough for young girls to have talent. They also must be prepared to strip to their undies while bumping and grinding for the wide-eyed young audience before them. They don’t know pop music without the pornographic influences.
Think how many pop females currently perform in what we, as children, used to refer to as 'knickers'. Now these items have been hoisted to the category of stage costumes.
Even a brief glance of these ‘underwear performers’ will throw up a list of some of the biggest names in pop music in the world: Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Alexandra Burke, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Beyonce. Female performers who shed their clothes with the same speed as their self-respect.

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